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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pallet Square Foot Gardens

Square Foot Gardens

EASY way to garden.
Make sure you place black INK newspaper under the pallets FIRST.
Weed will be killed. Or use the industrial  products. BUT black ink newspaper is much cheaper.
DO NOT USE color ink newspaper, it contains chemicals.
Place soil in pallets.
Place plants in each space. DON'T place more than one in each space. They need room to grow.
Keep same type of plants together.
Tomatoes, lettuce etc.
Note in middle of this photo to back they have wire wrapped around metal poles. THIS is for beans,
squash etc.

METAL draws electric from air into your garden.

Don't use anything in your garden you don't want in your mouth or stomach.


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bananas N Egg Shells N Garden

 Bananas N Egg Shells N Garden

*Clean dry egg shells
*DRY banana skins
* 2 TBSP baking soda
*1/3 cup USED coffee grounds
Grind together in food processor.

Use as:
- mulch
-top soil
- a large batch and put in empty #10 can
-1 teaspoon full of dry mix into water can for garden 

-seal and use all season long
-mix into compost
-sprinkle on garden after first snow, let it soak in during winter!

Dry banana peels between two window screens laying out in sun.
Vent them by placing them on cinder blocks.
Bring them in at night to avoid moisture.
Tear to thin strips - dry quicker.
Place on black garbage cans - for quicker drying. 

You need approximately 5 pounds of dried banana peels for every 100 square feet of soil to see benefits in plants.

 How to Dry Banana Peels for Fertilizer thumbnail

Tea Bag In Garden

Tea Bags In Garden

~ Used tea bags ? Garden loves them.
*Bury them in the soil
*Tear them opened and sprinkle the tea all over the soil
*Put them in compost pile
*Many use them in their worm boxes too, I'm just starting worm box - so I'll let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coffee And Grounds In Garden

Coffee And Grounds In Garden

 Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Canister
  photo from Folgers site. THANKS plants LOVE YOU.
*I don't drink coffee . I buy it at lowest price . NO flavored coffee, NO decaf.
*Plants love coffee.
*I make coffee (outside it gives my spouse asthma attacks).
*1 cup coffee - cool
*4 cups water
*Dump all around garden, never on the roots. If you are going to put on the roots use 5 cups water.

~~Coffee Grounds -
*I take them to my corn mostly ~ but I do bury some in each area of garden.
*1/3 cup coffee grounds mixed in 4 NEW cups of soil sprinkled on top of soil.

* I use coffee grounds from friends too ~ they go to my compost.

Crushed Egg Shells In Your Garden

Crushed Egg Shells ALL Over Your Garden...

*Crush your egg shells.
*Put them in your soil.
*When you crack an egg to fry / scramble rinse them.
*If you hard boil eggs KEEP the water - cool and use water in garden..
*I tuck them away in my soil, everywhere - all over my garden, in my garden containers -from March - the first snow (October).
*Remember DO rinse them out. The bugs love them if you don't and you DO NOT want bag bugs moving into your garden spaces.
*Keep your eggs from winter, rinse, dry & keep in a zip plastic bag.

Water Your Plants When Not At Home Cheaper

Water Your Plants When Not At Home Cheaper

Water Your Plants When You're Away

Place the other end of the string into the water bottle.
 A little improvement - tread the exposed string into straws to lower evaporation into the air.

Maybe elevate the water source higher than the plant, moist seeks lower level due to gravity.
 The water will wick its way up the string and into the soil, keeping your plant watered while you're on vacation.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Garden Pallet Ideas For Up-Cycle


 EASY PROJECT And a huge  time saver while gardening

I like that this Gardner has large photos for us all. 
No more using sheets etc on all your plants before all the cold leaves!

Four pallets & easy hardware.
YOU DO want to make sure you can open this to TOSS your compost. Note the latch on the R.H.S. of photo.

Pallet Box
The only thing I do note about this is the white mold on the lower L.H.S. of photo.
NOT something I want to eat, so maybe TOO much watering here! 
My Mom has a huge planter like this in her yard that my Dad made for flowers and her garlic.

Put the soil in and plant.

Happy Planting!